I have always been fascinated by how humans and nature interact and my art explores the processes that result from this dynamic relationship. In the all-too-often angry conversation between nature and humans, people can be too keen to praise immaculate facades and to attempt to silence the rust, rot and decay of daily life, but ever-changing nature will always have the loudest voice and, despite our efforts, we too leave telling marks of the scratches and scrapes of our lives.

The pavements we tread, the walls we lean on and the doors we walk through every day are in a continual state of evolution. Paint peels, wood rots, metal rusts and the processes of nature dominate. My art celebrates these processes and the layers of past they reveal.

My work is a tapestry of life, revealing the layers that were once hidden and revering the things that we tend to forget.

The resources I use are heavily recycled and this reflects both what I’m trying to represent with my art and how I work as an artist. Canvasses, paints and pencil marks are used and reused, covered and uncovered. Through a combination of sanding and the application of paint, details within each piece of work are hidden and revealed.

My thoughts on the environment and how we treat it are intrinsic to my practice. The rate at which we consume appals me but also prompts me to ensure that I am using materials as efficiently as possible. Creating beauty out of the disused or discarded is my passion and minimising waste is fundamental to all I do.

Cornwall affects my practice heavily, giving me a space in which to create as well as influencing my pieces through the beautiful textures that I see around me.